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Welcome to the second largest club in AZ that currently has over 300 members, including associate members and pachyderms. We are like-minded women (and a few good men) who want to get together and discuss current issues and concerns. We provide a safe place to discuss how we are feeling about the tragic direction our country is taking under progressive Democrat authoritarians. We must protect our next generation from a country based on socialist principles plunging us into unsustainable debt.

Our board wants you to hear from speakers in our meetings who are making a difference in our communities that will keep you coming back for lunch, friendship, conversation, and motivation every month.  Club members show our conservative values through volunteering efforts and donations as well as being an extremely politically active club. We are GRASSROOTS! We are doers!

Please consider becoming a member or renewing by clicking here for the application

If you have suggestions, questions, or ideas, please contact me at 

Please introduce yourself and say hello at a meeting!


Cindy Hill, M.Ed.,
PVRW President 2022-23

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